November 2015 Newsletter

Hi Friends. It has been a while since my last newsletter was sent out. I am so sorry for being so tardy over the last months. We have been real busy around here creating some great new products and preparing for a huge 2016. We just produced our first Shopkins stickers, the hottest toy craze in America and are also working on some other licensed product that will knock your socks off. Along with that we are working with some really neat artists to produce some beautiful new product that will show up next year. I guarantee all this will be worth the wait.

Kathy has helped me gather up some really great product for this newsletter. Kathy runs our store and is the actual person who collects and mails out all of our orders. She did a bang up job in creating some new deals with me and we both hope you like them. She will be helping me find more neat stuff in the future, so look for some awesome finds in upcoming newsletters. Kathy knows where everything is in this building and has unlimited access to our archives
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