April 2016 Newsletter

Hello my fellow sticker lovers. A lot has been happening since our last newsletter. In just one month we have been busy completing our spring sticker release. Unfortunately it is not ready to be officially announced until the next newsletter. There is so much product, we simply couldn’t get it all done. In May we will be making the official launch where you will see 12 new Nickelodeon sticker sets along with 14 completely new sticker designs using artist you have never seen before, but boy will you be pleased. Along with that we just created 7 new stickers that we made exclusively for Paper Source. They should be in their stores within a month or two. We also just released special Peel and Plays that you will find in the Disney parks and other properties.

To help keep all the new products flowing, Amy has added Liz Hutnick to her design team. Liz used to work at Klutz Books and is super creative. Amy has her working on some real neat new product ideas that I am beyond excited to see. I hope to be introducing her new products within the next couple of months. At the same time Amy is working on some other special products that will be completely new to Mrs. Grossman’s. So in the near future not only will you see some awesome new stickers, but also other products that you have never seen come out of Mrs. Grossman’s. Since you have been so patient, I will make sure to have some very special deals for you when these new products come out.

For now, here are some of the super cool deals that Kathy has cooked up for this month.

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