Website and Wholesale Operations Are Open - Factory Store & Tours Are Closed

Dear Sticker Friends,

For the past 20 years plus, Mrs. Grossman’s has been blessed to have hundreds of thousands of people tour our little company to see how stickers are made. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary and remain one of the few companies that still prints stickers in the United States.  Back in August of 2018, Mrs. Grossman’s sold our label division (Paragon Label) to a great company, Resource Label Group. Upon the sale it was agreed that RLG and MGPC needed to share the building, but separate the operations. This was slated to occur August 1st 2019. Because of this large change along with insurance issues, we have been faced with the need to shut down both the tours and our retail store. July 31st 2019 will be the last day for both operations.

MGPC will be in the same location and will continue business as usual in all other areas. We will only be accepting and fulfilling retail orders through our website from August 1st on. Look for the website to become much more exciting with lots of cool offers and rare items. We are going to place a lot of attention and effort on the site. We will also be fulfilling our rapidly expanding Sticker Club at our present location. Do check our website from time to time, or even better yet, give us your email address and we will give you updates on any warehouse sales or other adventures we have in the future. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for sticker news, pics and art, previews of new stickers and products, fun giveaways and more!

It has been a wonderful 20 years having you come to “our house” and experience the magic of printing stickers. We appreciate all of the support and love we have received over the years and will miss having you at our facility.

Jason and Andrea