Moshi Monsters is a wildly popular online animated game for kids. There are more than 80,000,000 players all over the world and the numbers keep growing! Mrs. Grossman’s has joined up with Mind Candy, the creator of this extraordinary digital game, and was chosen to be the only company in North America to print these fun-loving, limited edition, Moshi Monster stickers.

And to celebrate our new partnership we’ve got a terrific special bonus for you!

Inside each package of our collectible stickers is a secret code. When you purchase a $2.00 package of our Moshi Monster stickers this code will entitle you to a one month free membership, worth $6.95, to the incredible Moshi Monsters game site. A 30 day membership – free with every purchase of your Moshi Monsters stickers! Talk about a monster of a bargain!

You are going to love the always-changing, always-exciting Moshi world where you can adopt and take care of a friendly monster, play games and solve mind-boggling puzzles, grow pet ‘Moshlings’ in their gardens, enter cool competitions, create art projects and much, much more!

We know you are going to have a great time in this colorful, animated world and don’t be surprised if the whole family gets involved in the wonderful Moshi Monsters adventure!