Company News and A New Year's Move!

Dear Sticker Lover,

The last two years have been quite a challenge for almost anyone in business. Mrs. Grossman’s did not escape the turmoil, but we did learn some valuable things that will help us propel into the future. In that period, we had noted a large decrease in our wholesale business and a sharp increase in our direct-to-consumer business as would be expected with the Covid lockdowns.
We have also noted that our overhead in California is constantly increasing. With these facts we have decided to make some exciting changes.

First, we closed down our wholesale operations, and are focusing solely on our website sales and sticker club. With redirected effort in these two areas, we plan on offering a lot more on our website and boost our club offering. In 2022 you will see some products that we are currently out-of-stock of come back while also adding products that we have not had in many, many years. We have agreed to buy some of the inventory from one of our dearest customers and I must tell you, I was shocked with all the fabulous archives she has. I cannot wait to make the formal announcement soon. We will also be offering some licensed MGPC products we have been storing for years but have never been seen in the United States. These two things alone are going to be a very positive and exciting addition to

In addition to closing down our wholesale operation we are in the midst of moving the company to Utah. We have already bought a building and plan on making the move towards the middle of Spring. During this time, we might not be able to ship for a week or two, but we will give plenty of notice on the site and in future emails.

I thank you for being a Mrs. Grossman’s customer and can’t wait to be less distracted by the wholesale world and offer you, our faithful fan, a much better website and product offering.

Jason Grossman